How Does a Compactor Work?

Posted on: 27 May,2014

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Compactors are a long-term waste management solution for areas that experience and process a high volume of waste including hospitals, hotels, office complexes, shopping malls and apartment buildings or complexes.

Compactor Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing a compactor. One, they decrease waste in landfills and can help to control and eliminate odors. Compactors also tend to be more sanitary than regular dumpsters because it contains messes, spills and waste more effectively. Compactors are also fully enclosed, reducing the nuisance and mess caused by rodents, scavengers and pests.

The biggest benefits are the reduction in waste volume which reduces the amount of times a dumpster needs to be serviced. A compactor can replace four to five 6-yard dumpsters because it will typically compact and hold 25-30 cubic yards of trash. This also saves businesses space needed to dedicate solely for waste management.

How Compactors Work

The process for compaction is very simple. Compactors are outfitted with a mechanized press. When activated, the press simply presses down on the waste to compress and compact it into a smaller, more solid mass in the dumpster.

There are two different types of compactors that have different applications. A self-contained compactor has a dumpster permanently installed within it, and the entire piece of equipment is hauled to be emptied. Since everything is fully contained within the compactor, this option is optimal for restaurants, hospitals or other businesses that dispose of a large amount of “wet” waste like liquids or food waste that may leak or drip more easily.

Breakaway compactors are actually two pieces of equipment. The dumpster can be separated from the compactor. For this type of compactor, only the dumpster is hauled away to be emptied. This type is more preferable for “dry” waste like paper, cardboard and other items that are not likely to leak.

Separate compactors are available to compact and collect recyclables. These compactors are labeled and must be used properly to ensure the recyclables are not contaminated by normal trash. We provide recycling so we can handle all of your compactor needs!

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