Roll Off Dumpsters for New Church Construction in Southside

Posted on: 15 July,2014

new church construction in jacksonville requires dumpster

We just delivered a 30-yard dumpster to the site of new construction for Covenant Christian Church in Southside. Located at 10570 Greenville Road, the new building will be 6,000 square feet. The project began back in May with excavation and clearing the lot for building.

Covenant Christian Church was founded in 2011 and is currently located at 4613 Phillips Hwy in Suite 211. They have been posting pictures of the construction progress on their Facebook page.

The 30-yard dumpster will collect debris and we anticipate multiple weekly hauls on the job. We’re working with Westmoreland Construction, LLC on the build. Construction debris is pretty similar to common household refuse and can include:

  • Packing materials (cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, bubble wrap or foam) from deliveries of appliances or other construction materials.
  • Wood scrap from flooring, molding or building.
  • Lumber.
  • Drywall.
  • Cement, concrete or brick.
  • Insulation.
  • Nails, screws, and other building materials.
  • Electrical wiring.
  • Rebar (reinforced steel).

Demolition or excavation debris is also often included with construction waste. This includes dirt and organic materials like trees, scrub brush, and other rubble.

Unlike common household trash, however, construction debris is often composed of heavy and bulky materials. These require special care and consideration. A 30-yard dumpster is the average size for new construction jobs but smaller dumpsters are required to collect the heaviest materials like broken down concrete, brick or asphalt.

Dumpsters should not be filled more than halfway with heavy, bulky debris. At max, dumpster should be filled no more than three-quarters full. These restrictions allow the dumpsters to be transported and emptied safely and easily. This also reduces costs for hauling overweight dumpsters. Our flat-rate fees include a specific amount of tonnage, and anything over that weight will incur additional fees.

If you are a general contractor planning a new construction project, demolition or renovation in Jacksonville, please call us today to discuss your waste hauling needs.

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