Trash Compactors for Rent

Has it become a major challenge trying to fit all your company’s waste into the dumpster? Do you routinely have a lot more “office waste” to dispose of than your dumpster can hold? If so, a commercial trash compactor may be the ideal solution for your business. A compactor compresses the volume of your waste, creating extra room in your dumpsters so you can dispose of more garbage between collections or reduce the frequency of your trash pickups.

If you don’t already own a compactor, Sunshine Recycling has a variety compactors available, either for sale or as a long-term leasing option. With any compactor you rent or purchase from us, we also offer weekly waste hauling and disposal services. (Of course, trash pick-ups can be customized and done more frequently, if needed.)

Our compactors can provide an excellent solution for many different types of facilities, including:

  • Office buildings and business parks.
  • Industrial parks and factories.
  • Warehouses.
  • Nursing homes, hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Malls, department stores and shopping centers.
  • Schools and colleges.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Apartment and condominium complexes.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Construction job sites.

Compactors can be used with discarded paper goods, cardboard, food waste (including produce, meat and dairy products), plant waste, packaging materials, plastics, and even large items such as wood crates, metal cabinets, pallets and furniture. [Note: There are some items that are considered non-compactable, namely bricks, concrete and construction debris, because these materials could damage the machinery.]

Why use a trash compactor?

So why should you get a trash compactor for your business or facility? The simple answer is that a compactor minimizes the volume and size of your waste materials, making them more manageable. This can lead to numerous benefits for your business, such as:

Reduced collection costs. A smaller volume of waste reduces garbage pile up, which means fewer hauls to the dump or landfill are needed, thereby saving you money in trash pickup costs. Moreover, using a compactor eliminates the need to use garbage bags, further reducing costs.

Improved public image. Probably most businesses keep their dumpsters in their parking lots, which can say a lot to customers, visitors and employees. With a compactor, your waste is neatly compacted, collected and contained, preventing your dumpster from overflowing or having spills or leaks. This creates a neat and tidy public image for your business. Your parking lot or lawn area may even stay cleaner as less debris will be blown by the wind.

A more sanitary business environment. Having a compactor means no more overflowing dumpsters, which subdues odors and also helps deter rodents and animals who are drawn to garbage.

You are doing your part to “go green.” Compacting your trash reduces the amount of waste that’s sent to landfills, hence minimizing environmental pollution. Having a compactor provides your business the opportunity to help the environment, and at the same time, shows the public that you’re doing your part to be a good eco-steward. This is especially true if you are also recycling (something we make a top priority at Sunshine Recycling).

Types of compactors available

We offer two types of compactors: self-contained and breakaway. Which type of compactor is best for you depends on the type of materials being disposed.

A self-contained compactor is permanently attached to an enclosed dumpster that collects the compacted garbage. During our trash pickup service, we take the entire piece of equipment (compactor plus dumpster) and haul it to the landfill. Any trash or refuse that is liquid or wet should be disposed of in this type of compactor, as the compactor and receiver bin are molded into one seamless piece, eliminating any leakage of wet materials and maintaining sanitary conditions.

A breakaway compactor (also known as a stationary auger compactor) is connected to a detachable dumpster, called a “receiver box.” During trash pickup, the compactor remains stationary at your location and only the receiver box is transported. This type of compactor is ideal for “dry” refuse like cardboard and paper products.

If you have both wet and dry waste to dispose of, we can provide you with a self-contained compactor as well as a breakaway unit—to collect and haul divided debris.

If you’re interested in purchasing or renting a trash compactor, give us a call. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and assist you in choosing the trash compactor that best solves your facility’s waste removal challenges.

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