What Size Dumpster Do I Need for Home Renovations?


When planning a home renovation, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: anticipate and prepare for a significant amount of waste. Most waste generated from home renovations won’t fit in a normal garbage can and won’t be accepted by your weekly garbage haulers. You’ll need to rent a dumpster.First and foremost, it’s critical that you have the correct information about putting containers on your street. Check with your local building permit office or parking enforcement office to obtain all of the necessary information regarding permits. Also, if you live in a neighborhood or on a street where there is a neighborhood or homeowner’s association, there may be a covenant in the homeowner’s association contract which prohibits or restricts use of a dumpster. Keep in mind that the minimum size dumpster used for most home renovations is 20 cubic yards.  This size dumpster is typically about 22 feet long, 7 feet wide and about 4 feet high. If you have enough room on your property for this size dumpster, you shouldn’t have any issues.

The dumpster can be placed anywhere on your property as long as our truck has easy access to load and unload. Typically dumpsters are placed in the driveway, but can also sit in your front or back yard. 20-yard dumpsters are the most popular because they’re small enough to be in your driveway but still big enough to handle most renovation projects. They are extremely easy to fill and can hold approximately ten pickup truck loads. This size container is recommended for holding waste from projects like small bathroom or kitchen renovations, floor or carpeting removal and even landscaping. This size is also great if you’re planning to clean out your attic, basement or garage. If you are planning major home editions or home construction or demolition, you might want to think about renting a 30-cubic-yard container. This is an optimal size and should still fit in front of most houses without worry of receiving a letter from your neighborhood association. It will be able to tackle projects with a lot of drywall, wood and carpeting involved; if you will have a lot of bulkier and heavy materials like concrete or brick, you may still need to rent a 20-yard dumpster. This size is best to accommodate that kind of debris because it can still be easily hauled and emptied when full. If you’re not sure how much waste you’re going to have, you can always consult experts at Sunshine Recycling in Jacksonville.

Our staff is happy to help you figure out the best size for the project and how many times it should be emptied. For residential projects, we typically only haul one time. If you’re undertaking a large project, we can remove, empty and return the dumpster to accommodate the amount of waste generated.

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